Fortnite's new heavy sniper is real and can one-shot metal walls

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Last month, data miners at Fortnite hub Storm Shield uncovered an item entry (opens in new tab) for a new "heavy" sniper rifle capable of shooting through walls. Yesterday, the Fortnite Battle Royale Leaks Twitter (opens in new tab) shared some early footage of the gun in-game, confirming that the heavy sniper is not only on the way, but that it can destroy even metal walls in one shot.  

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The item entry (opens in new tab) found by Storm Shield says the heavy sniper rifle fires rounds that pierce the first wall they hit, but an in-game teaser spotted by the Fortnite Battle Royale News Twitter (opens in new tab) simply says it is "capable of dealing high damage to structures." That said, the weapon stats shown in the video above line up with the stats listed in the entry, so it's possible the heavy sniper can outright pierce walls as well as destroy them—that it to say, obliterate a wall and the dude behind that wall with one shot. 

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Even if it can't pierce walls, the heavy sniper is going to be a potent weapon. The ability to instantly destroy structures of any material will make it easy to dismantle enemy buildings, again advancing Epic's decision to promote non-building combat (opens in new tab), and its 157 damage rating makes it powerful enough to kill players with a body shot unless they're protected by an upper-level shield. 

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