Fortnite players fume over Season 10's overpowered mechs

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite's Season 10 added, among other things, a two-person mech called a B.R.U.T.E., and it's tearing players to shreds. Some players want it nerfed, some want it removed entirely, and others want it moved to its own limited time mode.

The consensus is that it's massively overpowered: its missile launcher fires up to 10 missiles at once, and from what I can tell each one deals 50 damage, and rips through buildings. The top video on the Fortnite subreddit is a montage of players getting destroyed by a barrage of missiles—often, it happens so fast that it's hard to tell which direction the mech is firing from. This clip shows how the missiles work from the mech's perspective.

There's even a video of Fortnite World Cup solo champion Bugha getting "outplayed" by a missile-spamming mech, and popular streamer dakotaz shared a clip on Twitter of a similar death. "What a great video game we're playing," he says.

A handful of mechs spawn in each map, and they can be controlled by one player if they move between the pilot and gunner's seat, which means it's proving deadly in solo games.

Most players on the subreddit seem to be happy for the mechs to remain in the game, but only if they're moved to their own limited time mode. Some, however, want a stronger response. "The mechs literally make me not wanna play and I’ve played since the inception of Fortnite," said user CalzRob. "I’m not playing solos until it either gets nerfed or removed, it’s not worth the rage," said user ARandomOliver.

Epic Games hasn't said anything about the mechs yet, but then again we're only two days into the new season. The developer has shown that it's not afraid to nerf big new additions in response to player feedback, so let's see what happens over the next week.

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