Where to find Attack on Titan's ODM gear in Fortnite

Fortnite - a player wearing ODM gear from Attack on Titan
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The rumbling has commenced in Fortnite chapter 4 season 2 with the addition of Attack on Titan's angsty Eren Jaeger, his trusty ODM gear and array Thunder Spears. If you're wondering how to get your hands on this Eldian gear, we have you covered on where to find the fantastical grappling ODM gear and the best ways to use it.

Where to find ODM gear

(Image credit: Epic Games)

While riding the battle bus, keep an eye out for a wooden home in the southeast corner of Anvil Square. This accursed spot houses the Jaeger family's basement: a location that holds humanity's darkest secrets and two guaranteed mythic items. Go through the back of the house, run down the stairs, open the back door, and you'll be standing right beside two pots of gold. Keep in mind that this location is highly contested; you'll want to open both chests quickly so that you can pick up everything around you in the few seconds of early round peace. Voila, you'll be swinging around in no time!

The ODM gear and Thunder Spears are mythic collaboration items, and have a boosted rate of spawn compared to standard mythics and boss fight mythics. This means that you're highly likely to find at least one of the two in Eren's dad's chest, but even if you don't, there are bound to be a few around each major point of interest.

How to use ODM gear in Fortnite

Grappling around is the most obvious use for the ODM gear, but you can also do some devastating attacks like baiting opponents with your hover, then immediately striking them with your air attack. The hover strike zips you right into your opponent's personal space, allowing you to slash their nape and secure the victory royale. Just like in the manga and anime, the ODM gear is best utilized in areas with lots of trees or tall structures so you can maximize your time in the air and minimize the gear's most vulnerable weakness of looking goofy and scrambling to your doom on the ground.

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