Where to find Fortnite's ice sculptures, dinosaurs, and hot springs for easy battle stars

While most of today's Fortnite hubbub is around the cool new Avengers: Endgame LTM (and all the amazing Fortnite creative islands), there are still some challenges left to do before Season 8 comes to an end. While fighting the Chitauri army or wielding the Infinity Gauntlet, why not also knock out some Battle Stars? Here's where to dance between three ice sculptures, three dinosaurs, and four hot springs in this week's simplest challenge.  

You'll need to dance in the middle of three formations around the island, and they're marked on the map above. You must dance between three ice sculptures (found just southwest of Polar Peak), three dinosaurs (south of Paradise Palms along the road), and four hot springs (spotted easily on the map west of Risky Reels). 

The only trick here is that you'll need to play at least three matches to complete the challenge, because unlocking the next tier only takes place once a match is completed.