How to open the secret door in Fortnite

fortnite runes secret door
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A secret door has appeared in Fortnite, but where can you find it? As part of the Indiana Jones challenges, you'll need to find the secret door in Shuffled Shrines to unlock the Indy's Dustoff emote—which is probably Fortnite's most nostalgic emote to date. To unlock this challenge, you must have completed the first page of Indy challenges to unlock the second page.

Finding the door is only part of this challenge, though, as you'll also need to search around Shuffled Shrines to solve the puzzle that opens the door. So, with that in mind, here's where to find and how to open the secret door.

How to solve the rune puzzle and open the door in Shuffled Shrines 

Once you've arrived at Shuffled Shrines, you'll need to solve the runes puzzle to get to the main chamber. There are four runes to find, and you'll want to start in the west of the area, moving towards the east. The good news is that the runes can be found in the same area in every match which makes this a whole lot easier. The runes will change every match, though, so you'll need to take note of what runes you see every time.

The runes each glow a different colour, making them a little easier to spot. You don't need to shoot them or anything; just make a note of what you find so you can input the correct order later. You can find runes in:

  • The southwest of Shuffled Shrines, in an alcove underground 
  • In the northwest, up a hill and near a reboot van 
  • In the north, near a red shelter 
  • To the northeast, on the ground inside a wooden pen 

Once you've taken note of all four runes, head back to the entrance and spin the rune blocks around until they match the ones you've found. You can then access the main chamber and open the door inside.  

Where to find the secret door 

fortnite secret door

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Once inside, you'll see that there are dark tiles that activate traps, so watch out for those. Collect the golden relic, then smash the wall to the right of the big face and go through the gap in the wall. Then, head towards the wall that's covered in plants. Destroy it and you'll find the secret door and two rare chests. Open those and you'll get the Indy's Dustoff emote. 

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