Where to find Fortnite's singing fish trophies

Fortnite Season 7 is just one week away, so it's time to finish up all those challenges you've left behind. Let's locate and dance in front of some fish trophies in Fortnite. That sweatpants-wearing robot skin can't wait any longer. Remember when singing fish trophies were super popular around 20 years ago? "Take me to the river / Drop me in the water," they'd gleefully sing as you walked by, almost as if they weren't ripped from the ocean and stapled to a wooden board.

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Well, now you'll need to dance in front of those very fish trophies in Fortnite as part of this week's battlepass challenges, and you'll need to do it seven times. Epic Games is just shaming us at this point. We'll do anything for battle stars. Please, just give us the battle stars. 

Many of the map's named locations, save for a few, have a fish trophy in one of its buildings. One is found in the main warehouse of Junk Junction, one inside of the pro shop at Lazy Links, and another in one of the retail stores of Retail Row. Just check out the map above and go on the hunt.