Where to find Fortnite Cuddle Fish and how to use them

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Fortnite season 6 introduces plenty of new things: A new map, a new battle pass, a new crafting system, and more. But fish... fish are forever. Fishing has gone nowhere this season, so you can still get your hands on a rod and go traipsing for Slurpfish a-plenty.

A new fish type has been added as of season 6's launch, and it gives players one more tool for dominating in battle royale. The "Cuddle Fish" is modeled after the squid-like cuttlefish found in real-world waters, and it can be used as either a trap for other players or a more direct threat.

We've laid it all out for you below.

fortnite cuttlefish

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What are Fortnite Cuddle Fish?

The Cuddle Fish are octopus-like fish, modeled after the real-world cuttlefish. They come in multiple colors, but all perform the same two functions.

If you throw a Cuddle Fish and it lands on the ground, it acts as a proximity mine that can damage unaware enemy players. If you throw it at an enemy and hit them, it acts as a sticky grenade. The Cuddle Fish will cuddle the enemy (awww) and then explode in a burst of gooey ink (ahhh). You can also manually explode them by shooting at them.

Cuddle Fish do 35 damage for each explosion, which isn't a whole lot, so it seems like they'll either be a modest early-game item to grab, or a genuine late game threat in large enough numbers.

fortnite cuttlefish

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Where to find Cuddle Fish

Cuddle Fish can be found anywhere normal fish can be found. So lakes, rivers, or the ocean will work. Just grab a fishing rod and check for the telltale circle of water with fish jumping up into the air and you'll be fine.

Here's every color of Cuddle Fish you can find:

- Normal
- Blue Cuddle Fish
- Jelly Cuddle Fish (only found in Slurpy Swamp)
- Orange Cuddle Fish
- Green Cuddle Fish
- Red Cuddle Fish

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