How to enter a chrome vortex in Fortnite

Fortnite chrome vortex
(Image credit: Epic Games)

If you're looking for a chrome vortex in Fortnite, then you've heard about this week's challenge. Previous challenges have tasked us with destroying chrome structures, but this time around, we'll have to get up close and personal with a chrome vortex.

These swirling, metallic twisters can look pretty terrifying but you'll need to enter one if you want to nab a chunk of XP. If you're ready to go for a spin, here's how to find a Fortnite chrome vortex so you can enter it for the weekly challenge.

How to enter a chrome vortex in Fortnite 

A chrome vortex can do much more than just help you complete a challenge. Entering one will turn you into chrome, throw you high into the air, and let you redeploy your glider to get around much faster.

There's no set location where a chrome vortex will spawn but they are pretty easy to spot due to their size. You can also check your map and look for the vortex icon at the beginning of the match so you can plan where to land. Once you've set your sights on one, it's time to get close enough to enter the chrome vortex.

The process is pretty simple. As soon as you get close enough, the chrome vortex will pull you in and turn you into chrome. You can also use the twister to travel significant distances across the map if you push yourself to the very top of the vortex. Regardless of what you do once you're inside, that's the challenge complete. Good job.

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