How to catch a Zero Point Fish in Fortnite

Fortnite Zero Point Fish catching spot
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Catching a Zero Point Fish is a little trickier than wrangling any regular old tiddler, but you're going to have to do just that in week 14 of Fortnite's seasonal challenges. It might feel a little counterintuitive to go fishing while other players are shooting at you, but Fortnite's fish grant special effects, whether it's restoring health and shields or giving you low gravity.

Zero Point Fish, in particular, have a powerful effect when you consume them, letting you teleport jump using the Zero Point Crystal effect. So, here's how to catch a Zero Point Fish in Fortnite, so you can complete the week 14 challenge, and get that 15,000 XP for the battle pass.

How to catch a Zero Point Fish in Fortnite 

First thing's first: you're going to need a fishing rod if you want to catch a fish. You can find these all over the island, but your best bet to get one quickly is to look for fishing spots next to rivers or the sea. You'll be able to recognise these because they have a boat, camp chairs, a fire pit, and a barrel of fishing rods next to them. 

Once you're good and roddy, you need to find a fishing spot. There are five types of Zero Point Fish that can each be found in a different area:

  • Crystal Zero Fish: Anywhere
  • Skull Zero Fish: Swamp
  • Tiger Zero Fish: Coast
  • Leafy Zero Fish: Forest
  • Crimson Zero Fish: Mountains

Since it doesn't matter which fish you get, I'd suggest diving straight out of the Battle Bus and heading for the nearest river you spot. Work your way up the river, fishing each spot until it's depleted. To fish, simply equip the rod and hold LMB to aim for the spot. When the line shakes, press LMB again to pull it out. You'll get some less rare fish, as well as guns and ammo, but after a few spots you should net yourself a Zero Point Fish. 

Alternatively, if you manage to find some grenades before a fishing rod, you can quickly fish a spot by hurling one of them into it, and then collecting what flies out. Once you've got the fish you need, you'll get 15,000 XP for completing the challenge.

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