Fortnite Battle Royale's latest limited mode is all about sniper rifles

Fortnite Battle Royale's latest limited mode is live, Epic Games announced this morning. Named Sniper Shootout, the mode is what it describes, limiting players to sniper rifles... and revolvers. (Sniping players in the next room was too clumsy to be fun, I'm guessing.) Grenades are out of the picture, though the rest of the consumables are sticking around. Get yourself a bush, pronto. 

Fortnite BR's wide open ranges are great for sniper play already, so I'm not sure how much of an impact the long-distance conditions will have on the pace of match, especially if the storm closes in at the same rate. With revolvers to rely on, close encounters are just as viable as scoping fools. Still, new ways to play are welcome. 

Sniper Shootout runs until February 2, and while I don't look forward to giving more people the power to shoot me from across the map, Fortnite BR's long distance skillshots are always entertaining, at least. 

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James Davenport

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