Fortnite Battle Royale update adds 'Cozy Campfire' healing trap, Nvidia ShadowPlay Highlights

As Paul reported earlier this week, Nvidia's latest GPU drivers support ShadowPlay Highlights in Fortnite's Battle Royale mode. As part of its latest update v.2.1.0 update, that's live now with the full update due to drop later today. 

With that, expect the Cozy Campfire—a new so-called "healing trap" that persists for 25 seconds and heals two HP per second. As a blue rarity, it can be found anywhere on the map. 

Update v.2.1.0 also targets a number of bugs related to UI, audio and animations, while the Boogie Bomb dance effect has now been removed upon taking damage. Moreover, the weapon's rarity has been changed to blue/rare to "more accurately represent its true rarity".

Full patch notes for v.2.1.0 can be found in this direction, where you'll also find details on changes to Fortnite's Save the World co-op mode.