For Honor trailer shows powerful naginata-wielding Nobushi

The last trailer I watched for Ubisoft's incoming history-defying hack-n-slasher For Honor showcased the powerful Chūgoku—a big and beefy lot with cool masks, spiked sticks, preposterous strength, and the biggest HP pool in the game. The latest trailer demos the Nobushi Samurai who look pretty slight in comparison. But looks can be deceiving. 

"For Honor offers players the chance to storm battlefields as one of 12 heroes who can tear through rank-and-file enemies and stand against nearly any foe," explains Ubisoft's Mikel Reparaz on the PlayStation blog. "Each one of these heroes is suited to a different play style, so if you’re looking for a warrior with the range to keep sword-and axe-wielders at bay, you’ll want to try the Nobushi. 

"One of the four Heroes of the Samurai faction, the Nobushi is a mysterious masked warrior who carries a spearlike naginata, using its reach to confound and destroy opponents."

Reparaz isn't kidding with that last part, as the following short not only shows a Nobushi warrior going toe-to-toe with far bigger and broader adversaries, it also has our star decapitating his foes with seemingly little exertion.

"They seem hardly battle-ready," explains the narrator above. "But looks, in this case, are profoundly deceiving." Talk about an understatement. 

For Honor is due on February 14, and is set to run a closed beta between January 26—29.