For Honor starter edition goes free, draws over 225,000 concurrent players on Steam

For Honor's starter edition went free-to-play on Steam yesterday, and it certainly drew a crowd. Ubisoft's multiplayer combat game blew up the Steam charts with a peak of 216,499 concurrent players yesterday—and then turned around and topped that today with over 227,000 concurrents.

That moves For Honor into 8th place on Steam's all-time peak playercount list, pushing past No Man's Sky's 2016 launch day playercount (212k) and just below Payday 2 (247k) when it went free-to-play in 2017. Alas, Civilization 6 has been bumped from the top ten as a result.


The starter edition gives you the story and multiplayer modes, with three fully unlocked heroes, and three playable (but not customizable) heroes. Other heroes can be unlocked by earning For Honor's in-game currency, Steel, or by purchasing Steel from the in-game store (or buying the Standard, Deluxe, or Gold Edition).

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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