For Honor season 6 release date set with a new map, seasonal event and hero reworks

After "more than a year of tweaks, improvements, and additions", For Honor has revealed 'Hero's March'—Season Six of its history-bending battler. Due later this month, the new campaign brings with it a new map, a new seasonal event and "major gameplay reworks" for two of its characters. 

In all multiplayer modes bar Tribute, a new Beachhead map comes free-of-charge and tasks Vikings, Knights and Samurai with claiming and defending a fortress. Fighter overhauls see the Orochi and Peacekeeper adjusted, while Ubisoft isn't yet ready to reveal more on the planned seasonal event till nearer launch. 

What the developer is ready to discuss, however, is the Visual Collection—a new feature that lets players track cosmetic visuals (which have proved popular with the game's community for some time) via a menu independent of their inventory.    

For Honor's Hero's March Season Six rolls out next Thursday, May 17. 

All of this follows For Honor's free weekend, which ran over the last few days. If you dived in, let us know how you got on in the comments below.