For Honor patch shortens skirmishes, fixes fighters

Ubisoft's dueler has been patched to fix a host of small bugs, tweak fighter abilities and speed up skirmish mode. There are a bunch of PC-specific alterations too that stop the game minimising to the wrong monitor. If your game freezes on the world map or gets stuck for 20 seconds on the 'exit to world map' prompt, then that ought to now be fixed.

If you're playing online (and you probably are because the singleplayer is a bit pants) then the skirmish alterations are worth noting. In skirmish Hero kills are now worth 35 points—up from 27—and kill streaks give you an extra 5 points for every subsequent kill. The respawn timer has been clipped from 12 to 10 seconds and conditional kills—'saviour' assists and 'avenger' kills—now grant more points.

Other changes bring some consistency to superior block feedback. The Warden's entire body flashed during superior blocks because the developers worried that weapon flash wouldn't be visible enough. Of course full-body flash is associated with unblockable attacks, so this has been fixed. Luckily the Warden's sword is enormous so it shouldn't be too hard to keep track of.

For new players tweaks to the guard breaking tutorial will prove useful. The developers say: "The Guard Break Interrupt tutorial had a hint saying “Interrupt enemy Guard Breaks by pressing [input] when they start”. The “when they start portion” was confusing people. In order to be more accurate, that text will now change to “when the enemy connects”."

You can find the full patch note on the For Honor site.

Tom Senior

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