For Honor gets a new mode and loot in the time-limited Apollyon's Legacy event

The Apollyon's Legacy time-limited event in For Honor got underway yesterday, featuring a new co-op game mode called Test Your Metal that pits team of four players against the bosses of the game's campaign. These become stronger with each round, and each week of the event will also see more powerful enemies join the fight. 

The event will also add new lootable items include an "I Am War!" emote, the new Blackstone Elite and Iron Legion color swatches, Apollyon's Might embossing, themed weapons, and the Age of Wolves battle outfit. Everyone who logs into the game during the event will also be given the Apollyon's Crest emblem outline. 

Beginning February 22, players will also have the option of purchasing the Apollyon Bundle, which will instantly unlock all of the above as well as the Apollyon's Wolves Mask outfit. The bundle will go for 25,000 Steel, with the price adjusted if you already own some of the items.   

For Honor hasn't enjoyed the success of, say, Rainbow Six Siege, but it's hanging in better than you might expect. It's average concurrent player count on Steam enjoyed a bounce at the end of the year that so far appears to be holding up, and Ubisoft recently announced that it surpassed 7.5 million players in its first year of release. As Gamasutra notes, that's players and not sales and so would include people who jump in for free weekends, but Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot added that the game has also had "over 1 million unique players every month."

Apollyon's Legacy is live now and runs until March 8. For Honor's fifth season, Age of Wolves, started yesterday; dedicated servers will go live on February 19

Andy Chalk

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