For $2.99, THQ will sell you a pack of Saints Row 3 cheats

Saints Row DLC thumbnail

We just noticed that there's already some Saints Row: The Third downloadable content available on Steam. Only not all of it is actually content.

The Shark Attack Pack is priced at $1.99. You get a hat and the Shark-O-Matic - a weapon that shoots out "a steady steam of fish guts," for your cash. We've spent money on hats and weapons before. That sounds like content.

Then there's The Season Pass , which grants you access to future mission packs. You also get to use all the costumes and vehicles featured in the in game television drama, Nyte Blayde. It'll set you back a hefty $20. New missions and items? That sounds like content.

The Invincible DLC costs $2.99. It'll make you extra limber, and provide you with infinite ammo and better health. It'll also give your vehicles "Infinite Mass." Wait! That doesn't sound like content at all! That sounds like cheats you have to pay cash for. Booo. Here's the full blurb from the product page:

"Never worry about dying or running out of ammo! Unlock the Get Down Cheat that makes you ultra limber. Super Saints gives you better guns and better health while Ultimate Clip ensures that you're always ready to fire. Get Infinite Mass for your vehicle plus Super Explosions and you'll be ready for anything!

We'll just wait for the mods thanks THQ, you cheeky little devils.