Football Manager 2017 now has a demo

Football Manager 2017 is pretty good, reckons Paul Walker-Emig, but if you want to try it out for yourself, a demo has just cropped up on Steam, for PC, Mac and Linux. Well, I say just; it actually appeared last month, but it evidently went under our radar at the time. Anyhoo, the demo will give you six in-game months to play around with, and if you want to buy the full game afterwards, you'll be able to carry your footie management career across.

As the official site notes, there's also a demo for Football Manager Touch 2017, which is a "thorough, but fasted-paced" take on FM 2017 (basically, a streamlined version of it for iPad/mobile, that you can also play on PC/Mac/Linux).

Cheers, Blue's News.

Tom Sykes

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