Football Manager 2013 debuts at number one in UK PC games sales chart

SEGA's veteran sports series, Football Manager, is the big winner in this week's PC sales chart after striding to number one within days of its release. Football Manager 2013 tops the sales list produced by online retailer Green Man Gaming. And the long-running series is proving to be as popular as ever after introducing a cut-down Classic Mode for casual players as an alternative to the increasingly complex Sim Mode. Lurking ominously in the shadows at number six in the chart - on the strength of pre-sales alone - is stealth combat sequel Assassin's Creed III .

The game's switch in backdrop for the ancient battle between Templars and Assassins from Renaissance Europe to North America looks to have paid off. ACIII has already sold a reported 3.5m units worldwide in its first week on consoles.

The Canadian follow-up set during the American Revolution looks certain to challenge British favourite FM2013 when it is finally available for PC on November 23.

Several more heavyweight sequels make up the rest of the list. But at number two in the chart is bloodthirsty battler Chivalry: Medieval Warfare . The game takes the principles of modern multiplayer FPS action and shoves an unforgiving arsenal of maces, swords and other brutal weaponry in the player's mesh-gloved hands.

And so the eclectic list of movers and shakers continues… Side-scrolling retro shooter Sine Mora is in at number three, with the Firaxis' critically acclaimed reboot XCOM: Enemy Unknown taking fourth place in the chart.

Green Man Gaming top-selling PC games this week:

1. Football Manager 2013

2. Chivalry

3. Sine Mora

4. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

5. Hitman Absolution

6. Assassins Creed III

7. Dishonored

8. Guild Wars 2

9. Borderlands 2

10. Borderlands 2 Season Pass

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