Five Nights At Freddy's World has released early


Five Nights at Freddy's World – a colourful, non-scary, RPG spin-off of the horror series – was scheduled to release next month. As is often the case with Five Nights at Freddy's games, that release date hasn't been kept. In fact, it's moved forward. The game is available right now.

Along with the game's release, comes a few scant details about the game itself. "With 40 playable characters, multiple endings, multiple difficulties, and a great soundtrack from artist Leon Riskin, FNaF World hits the ground running and doesn't stop. Take control of Freddy and the gang as they set out on a quest in the world beneath worlds, a world that reflects the actions and deeds of the 'flipside', where things have started becoming distorted and broken. Lead your team deeper into this digital world to find the source of these glitches and monsters, and restore it to what it was designed to be- a safe haven."

With a description like that, i suspect Five Nights at Freddy's World will end up being very scary, even though creator Scott Cawthon has previously stated it won't be. If an RPG doesn't take you fancy, how about a FNaF novel? Or a FNaF feature film?

Shaun Prescott

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