First XCOM: Enemy Unknown screens and details beam down


The words "XCOM" and "strategy" together in the same sentence qualify as gentle, genocidal music to PC gamers' ears, but throw in an "also on consoles" and the violin begins to shriek as the audience looks on in terror. So, is XCOM: Enemy Unknown in for an out-of-this-world bruising? Game Informer dropped the first details, and things actually appear to be looking up. Well, mostly.

Happily, Firaxis hasn't opted to abduct any of the franchise's key aspects. Global view, permanent soldier death, leveling up, line of sight, and - of course - turn-based tactical combat are all still ticking away at Enemy Unknown's core. However, Game Informer's writer also vaguely covers the topic of "dumbing down" mechanics for console players with the following bit:

"Firaxis is undeniably streamlining aspects of the game and removing no small amount of micromanagement, but from what I've seen I wouldn't call it 'dumbing down' the game so much as getting rid of tedium and uninteresting mechanics."

Which means what, precisely? Unfortunately, that's Unknown Enemy's biggest unknown enemy at the moment. More details are coming "all month long," but I've attempted to collect some intel from 2K via the space age technology of email. In the mean time, though, you can obsessively scan GI's other screens for succulent morsels of information.