First official Hearthstone AMA takes place today

Heartstone Ama

Hearthstone senior game designer Ben Brode has, by quite some distance, the best laugh in game development. Sadly, you won't be able to hear him guffawing as he answers questions from the community, along with producer Yong Woo, and community manager Christina Sims, on Reddit today as part of Blizzard's first ever Hearthstone AMA.

As this is the inaugural event, the mod team emphasized that there are rules to this sort of thing, which for the most part can be boiled down to "be nice," with a reminder that memes and Twitch spam will not be tolerated. They also asked that anyone with a question poke around in the /r/Hearthstone subreddit beforehand to ensure it hasn't already been answered.

The Hearthstone AMA will run from 2-4 pm PST, with the thread opening about a half-hour in advance to allow the posting of questions. "Dear Ben, why does Unstable Portal only ever summon Tirion for my opponents and Wisps for me? Yours eagerly, Andy."

Andy Chalk

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