First LawBreakers patch buffs Gunslinger, nerfs Harrier, and more

I have been playing LawBreakers a fair bit this past week and let me tell you: I am terrible at it. But it's been a long time since I've felt so inclined to get good at a shooter, and picking a character and sticking with it seems to be a better approach here than say, Overwatch or Rainbow Six. So this new patch, which quite dramatically tweaks two characters, will be consequential.

First of all, the Gunslinger's Warp ability will result in quicker traversal around the maps, as he'll now get better momentum with every use. This is because, while Warp was designed for combat scenarios, players have also been using it to move through the environments faster. 

He's also getting a new mechanic: if he lands a "fully charged Omega headshot" his Warp ability charge will be immediately replenished. But Gunslinger's changes don't come without at least one nerf. "In terms of combat Gunslinger is dominant right now, so we've nudged down his fully charged Omega damage and reduced the headshot multiplier on the TAC-knife so that it no longer one-shots squishy enemies."

Meanwhile, Harrier's Convergence ability has been waekened, with the super laser damage dropping from 500 to 400 DPS, while Wraith's Wasp stab is being reduced from 125 to 75 damage, but there's a precision reward which will output 125 damage.

There's a range of bug fixes as well, while loot boxes can now be opened while waiting to enter a match. It's worth checking out the full notes over here. And if you're wondering whether LawBreakers is worth jumping into, it is. But here's those thoughts elaborated on.

Shaun Prescott

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