First Kerbal Space Program 2 patch fixes a mountain of bugs

Green kerbal alien standing in front of scientific drawings
(Image credit: Intercept Games)

In what is perhaps the only situation which you should be excited about the phrase "a mountain of bugs," Intercept Games has released the first big patch for Kerbal Space Program 2. The situation being, of course, that "a mountain of bugs" is prefaced with "fixed."

Which they did! A lot of them, in fact. The update contains a tooth-dropping 300 changes ranging from minor to major. The development team thanked the community for all the information, and even credited the community with 42 specific bugfixes that their bug reports directly helped to fix.

Among the most important fixes were a solve to how fuel flows, cutting processing load by a factor of three. Another fixed the RAPIER air-breathing/vacuum engine switching between its modes. There's also a load of bugs with connections solved, and joint strengths improved, to be better sure that your spacecraft will stay attached when you want it to and detach properly when you say so.

And, alas, the first big example of a Kerbal Space Program 2 Kraken Drive has been fixed: "Fix for engine thrust being deflected at too high of a value when a part obstructs an engine’s exhaust (the Kraken Drive bug)." For those not in the know, a Kraken Drive is the community nickname for any physics bug that makes a ship fly in completely insane ways—and this was certainly one of them. Revert your save if you want to crash your game with that one, I guess.

Alongside that it looks like one of the major bugs with save games loading inside an existing campaign was fixed—which was a big problem for me, at least!

You can read the full KSP2 v0.1.1.0 patch notes on the Kerbal Space Program official forums, or a shorter announcement on Steam.

The size of the patch is pretty promising, and might herald a turnaround for KSP2 after an extended period from announcement to release had fans frustrated on a rocky launch. For all that these fixes exist, they don't indicate the unfinished or upcoming features found in the code—these are just fixes.

Anyway, at least we've got goofy KSP animations to keep us company while we wait for our pet bug to get fixed.

Jon Bolding is a games writer and critic with an extensive background in strategy games. When he's not on his PC, he can be found playing every tabletop game under the sun.