First Doom gameplay revealed, modding and multiplayer confirmed

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Last year, id Software showed the next Doom to fans behind closed doors, and a few weeks ago we got a scant three-second teaser. As promised, Bethesda made the full reveal at its E3 conference today, announcing that the game will be available in Spring 2016 (Autumn in Australia).

Built using the idTech 6 engine, id Software executive producer Marty Stratton said Doom is to be centred around three principles: "badass demons, big effing guns and moving really, really fast."

The game's multiplayer component was shown off, and will take place in arenas ranging UAC facilities through to "the depths of hell", with game modes such as 'domination', 'freeze tag' and 'clan arena'. "Skill, fast vertical movement and very unique powerups" will be the order of the day, according to Stratton.

The biggest announcement was Doom Snapmap, basically confirming Doom modding tools will be built into the game. According to Stratton it's "a custom designed gateway to an endless stream of Doom experiences created by you." Judging by the video footage shown, Snapmap will allow users to build maps, but also create "custom gameplay [modes] and to create or edit game logic."

In terms of single player, Stratton started with what appeared to be the same footage shown at QuakeCon last year. "As you now find yourself on the outskirts of a massive UAC facility on Mars, you find yourself doing one thing: killing demons," Stratton said on the game's mercifully shallow premise. The video showcased a surplus of blood and brutality doled out by a super shotgun, plasma rifle, chainsaw and a heavy assault rifle, all accessed via a weapon wheel which slows the game down to a snail's pace.

Imps and revenants appeared in the video, and the game looked pretty consistent with the originals, to the extent that even the doors sounded the same. Footage from a hell-themed map confirmed the original's notoriously large Mancubus enemies are back, as well as Cyberdemons, rocket launchers and... well, more blood.

You can watch Bethesda's entire E3 Doom showcase, including all the gameplay footage, below.

And the official trailer:

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