First Baldur's Gate 3 gameplay footage will be revealed on February 27

Our first in-depth look at Baldur's Gate 3 is coming on February 27, 2020 at 15:30 EST/20:30 GMT. Creative director Swen Vincke will be playing the RPG on stage at PAX East. He'll be talking about the story and mechanics while joined by a "very special guest." If you're not going to PAX East, don't fret, as the whole event will be streamed live to the rest of the world on YouTube.

This announcement also comes with a teaser of what's to come. It reads: "You are burdened with a great power devouring you from within. How far down the path of darkness will you let it take you? The fate of Faerûn is on your party’s shoulders. Will you carry it to salvation, or descend with it to hell?"

That seems to imply that we'll be able to take different paths through the game's story. You gonna be naughty or nice? Decisions, decisions. 

While this doesn't reveal much about the story we do already know that the main enemies in Baldur's Gate 3 are the mindflayers. The ones that look like squids for heads? Yeah, them. They're looking to restore their empire and to help them do that they've rediscovered the secret of nautiloids—flying ships that can travel between worlds . That's pretty bad. 

Larian has been growing the studio to 350 people and developing new technology to support the game. This, apparently, allows Larian to "create a truly next-generation RPG, spanning 100+ hours of content." I'm still playing through Divinity: Original Sin 2, so by the time I've finished, I'll probably be able to dive straight into Baldur's Gate 3. Fine by me.

Now is a good time to catch up on everything we know about Baldur's Gate 3 so far. There's potential for it to even be released in 2020. Get ready for a lot more info to come during PAX East next week.