Firefall trailer shows world building and sweet vistas

Some games reward nosy players for their exploration with a pot of gold or a new sword, but a great view or an interesting place is so much more rewarding. That sensation of climbing up a gruelling mountain, coming over a ridge and seeing a gorgeous vista unfold before you is one of the things that games like Skyrim do so well. It looks as though Firefall is trying a similar trick. Mushroom rock is the perfect example of how to put a good view to good use.

Firefall will be free to play when it's out, but the only way to strap on a jetpack right now is to sign up for a spot on the Firefall beta . For more on Firefall, check out Mark Kern's impressive hologram powers in the last Firefall trailer , in which he also talks about Red 5's plans for rolling out Firefall.

Tom Senior

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