Firaxis comments on XCOM: Enemy Unknown modding plans

XCOM Enemy Unknown Thin Man

Firaxis hit the deployment hangar for its DLC plans rather fast with its announcement of the Slingshot mission pack yesterday, but it's yet to give a go-ahead for full modding support. Speaking to Joystiq , Firaxis Producer Garth DeAngelis stated modding wasn't one of their "core pillars" during development.

"It's something that we'd like to resolve going forward, but we still have quite a few things on our plate that have been planned for a while," he said. That predictably entails an established DLC release schedule in the short-term, though the departure in attitude from Firaxis' mod-happy Civilization franchise is still surprising.

Dark0ne of the XCOM Nexus modding network offered a terse response, writing, "If you're cynical, like me, that reads as 'We'll maybe talk about mods after we've milked the DLC for all their worth.' Not that you can hold it against Firaxis. After all, they're a business. But for people who care more about mods than they do about lackluster DLC, it's a blow." Meanwhile, savvy INI tweaks such as difficulty adjustments and the re-enabling of Second Wave options continue piling up.

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