Final Fantasy XIII locked to 720p on PC

Final Fantasy XIII 2

Final Fantasy XIII's arrival on PC has been disappointing. It's confined to 720p resolutions, requires a 59GB download comprised of huge uncompressed cutscenes, and has been suffering player complaints about variable frame rates and stuttering.

Hundreds of negative Steam reviews have accompanied the launch, many citing the resolution issue and a chronic lack of graphics options.

It's a call to arm for modders, perhaps better known hereon as "fixers". Durante has stepped in with a quick first version of his solution to the resolution problem. It's set to be updated to fix existing compatibility problems. You can download it here.

Durante also built fixes for Dark Souls and Deadly Premonition, which made him one of our community heroes of the year in 2012. He also helped out when the much-improved port for Dark Souls 2 was released earlier this year.

The flurry of Final Fantasy PC releases might well be laying the groundwork for a Final Fantasy XV PC announcement, but problematic releases that have to be knocked into shape by customers are unlikely to endear new newcomers to the series. Keep an eye on the GeDaSota blog for more FFXIII fixes, and check out the PCGamingWiki page, which has a few potential fixes for stuttering frame rates.

Tom Senior

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