Finally, a Lady Dimitrescu statue bigger than most toddlers can be yours for $1,500

close up of lady d statue
(Image credit: Capcom, PureArts)

Everyone loves Lady Dimitrescu, the giant hot vampire who chases you around Resident Evil Village's castle and, if you're lucky, disembowels you. Now 766 lucky souls can express this love in the presence of uncomfortable friends and family members with a 3-foot statue.

The licensed creation comes by way of collectible manufacturer PureArts, which has offered similar treatments for iconic characters from the likes of League of Legends, Cyberpunk 2077, and Assassin's Creed.

PureArt's Lady Dimitrescu can be posed with either her signature Freddy Kreuger claws or a slightly less threatening Sunset Boulevard-y cigarette holder. This aggressive conversation starter also features a removable hat, as well as a custom-tailored cloth dress.

Pre-orders for Lady D have just opened on PureArts' website, and she can be yours for the alarming price of $1,500—about the cost of a great gaming laptop or professional-grade GPU. Only 100 exclusive variants with a replica Resi Village metal key are being made, alongside a cheeky 666 without the key.

We are truly in a golden age of expensive statues to scare your houseguests with. Lady D is being made in collaboration with Capcom, though PureArt also boldly makes unlicensed statues that would never get official approval. While Lady D lacks the audacity of that Tifa statue doing the horny anime pose, she makes up for it in terms of price, size, and opulent build quality. Truly, 766 individuals are about to make the people who love them extremely concerned.

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