Final Fantasy XIV offers up free world transfers this week

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is waiving fees for switching servers this week, allowing players to move between the MMO's game worlds free of charge, according to its official website . The free transfer period runs from Tuesday through Sunday and is a response to problems that surfaced during the game's unstable launch at the end of August.

Demand for the MMO was larger than expected after the game's release. This pushed the Square Enix devs to introduce login restrictions to keep the things as stable as possible, a situation the game's producer Naoki Yoshida later apologized for . The decision meant that players were sometimes separated from their friends or found themselves in a game world server that was less than ideal. This free transfer period is meant to address that situation. There are a host of caveats and eligibility restrictions to this process, however, so if you plan on trying to switch servers, be sure to consult FFXIV's extensive guide here .

The primary stumbling block for players looks to be the following: "Although multiple characters can be transferred from one World to another with a single use of this service, multiple characters from different Worlds cannot be transferred to the same World, nor can multiple characters from a single World be transferred to separate Worlds," according to the World Transfer Service Guide.

Still, it's a welcome and useful response to some of the game's most enthusiastic players, in this case the ones who showed at launch ready to go.

Hat tip, Shacknews .