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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn announces last open beta as it nears launch

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In advance of its release, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will run one last open beta before unleashing its mounted chocobos and unicorns on the world. Beta Test 4 for the MMORPG will take place August 17-19, according to a Q&A with developers (opens in new tab) that took place yesterday.

Early adopters who took part in Beta Test 3 also got some good news, as they should be able to get access to the final beta test a day early, on August 16. It all leads up to the game's official launch on August 27. Although the MMO's content should be exactly the same as what we'll see in the retail release, the beta will have a level cap of 20 and because of that players won't be able to see game details that would require a higher level, according to developer and publisher Square Enix. Characters created during the beta phase—and their experiences in the game universe—should also carry over into the retail release of the game.

After being shut down last year and hearing in February that the original FFXIV had lacked "the heart, the spirit or the passion to challenge the market," strong connections to its player base should be crucial when the game re-launches later this month. To get started, you can benchmark the MMO for your system and experiment with the character-creation tool in anticipation of the final beta phase and the game's full release.

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