Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn gets benchmark and character creation tools before launch

Final Fantasy XIV has had a rough ride . After launching to poor critical reception and dismal sales, Square Enix ended up erasing the world from existence with a meteor shower and spent the next three years building A Realm Reborn from the ground up. It was a bold endeavor, and now the developers want to make everyone's rebirth as smooth as possible by offering a benchmark and character creation tool almost a month before the game comes out.

Those who wish to see how well their system runs A Realm Reborn's shiny new game engine can download the benchmark from the official site , which I assume will run limitless, feathery chocobos across your screen until the sun burns out.

The benchmark also includes a character creation tool for those of you who spent the first eight hours of Skyrim making the bridge of your character's nose straight, but not too straight . Anyone who spent time in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn's beta can import their character to see them in the cutscene the benchmark runs.

We can't tell you if A Realm Reborn corrects the mistakes of its dark past until it comes out August 27, but getting the character customization and video settings out of the way before the game comes out is a good start.