Darkest Dungeon now has full mod support through the Steam Workshop

Red Hook Studios said late last year that it was working on bringing official mod support to Darkest Dungeon, and today it delivered the goods. Steam Workshop support is now live, and there are already a good number of community-made mods to play with including new monsters and character classes, and a "large-scale reimagining" entitled Pitch Black Dungeon, which the studio described as similar to The Long War mod for XCOM. 

"We’ve always wanted to support mods for Darkest Dungeon, and going back to the Kickstarter, we listed it as a stretch goal. Though at the time we didn’t reach that level of funding, due to our success through Early Access, we decided to fully incorporate Steam Workshop after release," the studio wrote in a blog post. "Today marks the beginning of that support, and we cannot be more excited to see what our players come up with!" 

I can't vouch for their quality, but some of the more interesting-sounding mods currently in the Workshop include Fully Lit Darkness, for players who need a break from the gloom, Descent Into Delerium, which makes Stress management "easier, but much more of a threat" (no idea how that works), and the Moogle Mod, which I'm including solely because it's cute. Red Hook said it will hold a community stream at 2 pm PT on April 7 on Twitch to showcase some of the mods and answer questions about modding. 

To mark the launch of Steam Workshop support, and the recent surpassing of the 1.25 million unit sales mark, Darkest Dungeon is on for half-price on Steam, taking it to $13/£10/€12 until April 11. 

Andy Chalk

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