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Final Fantasy 15 ends with Episode Ardyn, out now

With the launch of its prequel episode and final bit of DLC, Episode Ardyn, that's Final Fantasy 15 over as of today. You can show off as flamboyant bad guy Ardyn Lucis Caelum in events set before the main game. It was meant to be one of a series of one-shot, character-focused DLC episodes, but lamentably the rest were cancelled. 

Because this is Final Fantasy 15, you can't just play the DLC; you've got to watch some backstory, too. Luckily, the Episode Ardyn animated prologue isn't quite as long as the gorgeous and completely rubbish Kingsglaive. Take a gander below.

Though it was cut short, Final Fantasy 15 had a good run. It does feel a bit incomplete, though, and not just because we never got to see all of the planned DLC. There are so many gaps, despite the abundance of ancillary stuff. Still, it was a heck of a road trip, at least when we were allowed to drive the car.

Episode Ardyn is available now on Steam for £8/$10. 

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