Final Fantasy 14 is bringing back the Rainmaker hairstyle

Sice from Final Fantasy Type-0
(Image credit: Square Enix)

After disappearing for nearly three years, the Rainmaker hairstyle is returning to Final Fantasy 14 in Patch 5.5 as a Gold Saucer prize.

The hair—originally belonging to Final Fantasy Type-0's Sice—was a special reward made available in 2017's Make It Rain event. It returned in 2018 but then vanished when 2019's event rolled around, continuing its absence last year. While quite a few event-exclusive items usually make their way to the real-money Mog Station store, Rainmaker was never added.

Square Enix previously tweeted out in October that it was "considering the possibility" of bringing Rainmaker back, but it's been rather hush-hush about the whole thing, until this week when it announced the hair would be returning as a prize in the Gold Saucer. It hasn't been revealed how much it'll cost, but it likely won't be too far off the original 5,000MGP it went for during the events.

Personally, I like my hairstyles a little less anime protagonist, but it's still super cool news for those who missed out or weren't playing the game a few years ago. It's easily been one of the most requested things to be brought back to the game, with numerous Reddit and Lodestone forum posts being made over the years about its absence.

The hairstyle will arrive on April 13 with Patch 5.5, which will wrap up the NieR-inspired alliance raid storyline and introduce a very familiar weapon.

Mollie Taylor
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