Final Fantasy 14 update 5.5 trailer shows off spectacular raid and boss footage

The massive 5.5 update for Final Fantasy 14 is due on April 13, bringing with it part one of the Death Unto Dawn story. There's a new raid, a new dungeon, and a host of famous villains and summons from Final Fantasy games of yore.

The NieR-inspired alliance raid dungeon, co-created by NieR devs Yosuke Saito and Yoko Taro, delivers the most striking imagery in the video. But my heart stirred at the sight of the Diamond Weapon, made infamous in FF7. The description of the monster is apt: "With adamantine armor and a beating, blood red core, the Diamond Weapon is the culmination of countless sacrifices and untold suffering." Also that seems to be FF7's Scorpion Sentinel at 42 seconds in.

If that's too relaxed for you, the story update sees Fandaniel and his Telephoroi raising "ominous towers in all corners of the realm" to bring about the Final Days. If you fancy a break from the end times there's a new Unreal scrap with the famously unchill Leviathan, a classic summon that got its most spectacular showing in Final Fantasy 15.

This all looks spectacular, and Final Fantasy 14 is still the game I most wish I had time to get into properly. It's probably worth the investment considering that the game could keep getting expansions for another five years.

Tom Senior

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