Final Fantasy 14: Heavensward expansion lands June 23

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

Square Enix has revealed the release date for Final Fantasy XIV's first expansion, Heavensward. Starting June 19, those who have pre-ordered the game can start playing during a special early access weekend. The following Tuesday, June 23, the new content will be released for everyone.

Rumors had originally hinted that the expansion would be arriving this spring, but director Naoki Yoshida told attendees of the PAX East panel that more polish was needed. The expansion, it seems, is bringing a ton of new content to the world of Eorzea. With more new stuff arriving, the bugs to fix and tweaks to make couldn't be finished in time for spring.

Mac gamers—those poor, mistreated creatures—will finally be able to play Final Fantasy XIV this summer too, as Mac support will launch around the same time as Heavensward. If you've never tried out this colorful MMO, read through Chris's review and investigate FF14's two-week trial offer.

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