Final Fantasy 14 fans can't get over its new giant goth mommy dungeon boss

Final Fantasy 14's new goth dungeon boss in patch 6.3
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Ahem. If there's anything we've collectively discovered as gamers over the last couple of years, it's that we really do enjoy a menacingly tall lady with goth or vampy energy. I am no different, so when my friend sent me a link to the Final Fantasy 14 site with new information on patch 6.3, the only thing I could do was screenshot an upcoming dungeon boss and say "wtf she's hot."

I'm not the only one who immediately zoned in on the giant goth mommy. GamesRadar pointed out that Twitter went wild for her. Within hours of her appearance in a single screenshot, fan art began cropping up from some frighteningly fast and talented artists. A Reddit post already has players fawning over her outfit, hoping that it'll appear as a glamour armour set in the future. I couldn't agree more—outside of the Garo collaboration and a couple of glamour sets, Final Fantasy 14 is severely lacking in the gothic wardrobe department. Sure, it'll inevitably be a one-piece undyeable suit that gets sold on the game's cosmetic store, but I'm still gonna eat it the hell up.

As for who this is, it looks to be the final boss of patch 6.3's story dungeon Lupis Manalis. It'll be set in "an abandoned village in the mountains of Garlemand where Garleans once practised the reaper arts." Anyone who's caught up on the story will know that there's a fair bit of lore around Reapers—the DPS class introduced in Endwalker—so it'll be cool to see just what's going on. The boss herself looks to be a doll with her elbow and knee joints visible, wielding a large scythe and hovering over the Warriors of Light in a way that's equal parts menacing and enchanting. No, you're the one who needs to touch grass.

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Patch 6.3—Gods Revel, Lands Tremble—is set to release sometime in early January, though the exact date hasn't been revealed yet. There's usually a Live Letter either one or two Fridays before the actual patch date, so be on the lookout.

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