Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn bags over two million registered accounts

Square Enix have announced that their once disastrous , now pretty good Final Fantasy XIV has accrued over 2 million registered accounts, and all without using the Steal command to pilfer them from other games. A little bit of Final Fantasy humour for you there. It's hardly World of Warcraft numbers, but it is a notable achievement from a game that launched in a state fit to be thrown to the dogs, before being shut down and extensively remade at the developer/publisher's own cost. Square Enix are currently celebrating with some vials of Elixir, a big haunch of chocobo meat, and other Final Fantasy references.

This comes a few months after the news that FFXIV had attained 1.5 million registered accounts , the steady influx of new players suggesting that this atypically subscription-based MMO may have some kind of bright, or at least consistent, future ahead. And even if it doesn't, Square Enix can always dramatically obliterate the world and start over, as is their wont.

Tom Sykes

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