Final Black Desert closed beta heralded by peculiar cinematic

Black Desert Online
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Who likes exposition? The Black Desert Online (opens in new tab) opening cinematic is here to tell you exactly what is going on in ponderous, exhaustive tones straight from B-grade Saturday morning anime. For some reason it's narrated by Tay Zonday—yes, the chap who sang Chocolate Rain. It's causing some concern, particularly as one of the highlights for the final closed beta test is the addition of voice acting.

The second Black Desert closed beta begins 8am UTC tomorrow, February 18, and continues through to February 22, so it looks like you'll have to pick between this and The Division's open beta (opens in new tab). If you've spent upwards of €50 on preorder packages, you're guaranteed a spot, but you can sign up (opens in new tab) to be selected as part of the test and find out if the questing is any better than its introduction.

If you're keen, you can download the beta client ahead of time in addition to creating a character (opens in new tab) and reserving a name.