Fight to become the most delicious snack in party game Cake Bash

I scoffed lots of cakes, trifles and puddings over Christmas, but there’s definitely no such thing as too much cake, which is why I’m watching this here trailer for delicious party game Cake Bash and unashamedly salivating. Take a look above. 

Cake Bash’s competitive bakery is a bit more violent than your typical episode of Bake Off. These adorable cakes have somehow gained sentience, but all they want to do is become more delicious, gladly sacrificing themselves for our taste buds. Thanks, guys! There can only be one cake crowned ‘most delicious’, however, and rivals can beat up their fellow cakes or stick gross stuff on them, making them less tasty. 

Other obstacles include hungry pigeons and even a hermit crab. Hermit crabs are great, but not when they’re trying to eat you. Enemies can push you into poop, too. Nobody wants to eat poop cake. 

Developer High Tea Frog says the control scheme is simply enough so any cake fan can play, but there are still weapons, charged attacks and dashes to keep things interesting. Expect different modes, too, including one that sees you try to fill a flan dish. I love a good, wobbly flan. 

I’ve been playing quite a bit of Katamari Damacy Reroll recently and I’ve been finding it extraordinarily meditative, so I’m very much up for any game that lets me cover myself in stuff I find lying around. Of course, most of what you collect in Katamari isn’t edible, so Cake Bash already has a bit of an edge. 

Cake Bash is due out early this year.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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