Farming Simulator 19 sold over two million copies

(Image credit: Future)

French publisher Focus Home Interactive has released its yearly earnings, and clearly had a good 12 months, racking up $US143 million in the last fiscal year. Their biggest hit has been Farming Simulator 19, with over two million copies sold. As we reported at the start of the year, developer Giants Software launched an esports league with a €250,000 prize pool and its grand final will take place FarmCon 20. Baling hay is big business.

Vampyr, Dontnod's original but also slightly janky Victorian-era RPG, also did well with over a million copies sold. Dontnod has renewed its contract with Focus Home Interactive, and there's apparently a Vampyr TV show in the works too.

Insurgency: Sandstorm, their multiplayer FPS, also enjoyed healthy sales. All in all, Focus Home's earnings beat their guidance target by 20%, setting a new record for them. 


Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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