Farming Simulator 19 DLC is obsessed with hay bales

Farming Simulator 19 is getting its first big piece of DLC soon. If there's one thing I know about PC Gamer readers, it's that you lot love getting up at dawn to work your vast tracts of arable land with the latest combine harvester or some other piece of flashy farming machinery, probably. Good news, then, because the Anderson Group DLC comes with lots of new toys. Check out a few of them in the above trailer

Baling is the focus of this DLC. Not ditching you mates at the last second, but making bales of hay and wood and maybe some other things. Every farm needs some hay bales, which keep the crop spirits at bay. With the new Anderson Group tools, you'll be able to make new kinds of bale and even wrap multiple bales together into a tube. A hay tube! It's the future, people. 

Wrapping bales, transporting bales, admiring bales—it's an extravaganza of bales. The highlight for me, however, are the multitude of massive robotic claws picking up all these fat bales of hay. There are loads of them, and I'm incredibly thankful they're gently grabbing hay instead of crushing bones. 

The Anderson Group DLC is due out on March 26. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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