Farming Simulator 17 is lit in the new "Garage Trailer"

The latest Farming Simulator 17 trailer works the fields in ways you've never seen before, and probably didn't dare think possible. It's beat-dropping, pulse-pounding, hardcore tractor porn featuring sleek, sexy agricultural machinery that is just begging to get down and dirty. Put on your waders. It's farming time, baby. 

Okay, "sleek" may not be the best descriptor for these field-crawling beasts, most of which are basically small houses mounted on big tires. But I love the way the trailer shows off important stats as though they were the latest in Italian sports cars at the Detroit Auto Show. "Massey Ferguson MF Delta 9380: 496 horsepower. 1000 liter fuel capacity. 30 km/h top speed." That's raw performance, right there.

(And that's right—if you lived where I live, it'd cost you nearly $1000 to fill this sucker from dry. Yowzah.) 

All the hotness is here: New Holland. Holmer. Case IH. And for the first time ever in Farming Simulator, the storied AGCO lineup including Challenger, Fendt, and Valtra. Valtra! Plow my fields, indeed. 

Farming Simulator 17 is set to come out on October 25, with new features including equipment rentals (because some of this stuff is really expensive, and you're already burning through truckloads of money just trying to keep gas in these things), radios in tractors, and farming like a woman.

Andy Chalk

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