Far Cry 6 post-launch roadmap includes Danny Trejo, Rambo, and Stranger Things crossovers

As PC Gamer's resident Fortnite guy, nothing about marketing crossovers surprises me anymore. Except for when other games try to follow in its path. That's why Far Cry 6's post-launch roadmap, shown today in a new trailer from Ubisoft, is genuinely pretty mind boggling. Besides the previously announced season pass DLC, Far Cry 6 is also getting free crossover missions that star the likes of actor Danny Trejo, Rambo, and Netflix's Stranger Things.

Check out the map below for exact release dates/windows on each DLC and extra feature.

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"Danny and Dani vs. Everybody," the first of the three crossovers, lets you team up with Danny Trejo to, as far as I can tell, kill a lot of bad guys so Trejo can run his taco restaurant in peace. Yes, he's brought a machete. Fun fact: Trejo's Tacos is a real business the actor started in 2016, and was featured briefly on Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations.

"Rambo: All the Blood" doesn't feature Stallone, but a "Rambo super fan" who you'll help commit more acts of gratuitous violence against Yara's military.

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"The Vanishing" sees the Stranger Things universe come to Yara. You'll be tasked with finding whoever kidnapped Chorizo, your little puppy friend from the base game. Judging from the trailer, you'll visit a region much like Stranger Things' Upside Down dimension, with lots of gooey webs plastered over everything. There's probably some gross monsters involved, too, because there always is.

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Special operations are unique missions (six in total) that will task you with completing some inventive objects, like transporting a chemical weapon to an extraction point. The catch? You'll need to use water or other cooling effects to keep its temperature gauge from steadily rising, which triggers an explosion.

Weekly insurgencies are more typical combat challenges, where you'll face off against particularly tough enemies and get rewards. Those will start on day one of Far Cry 6's release.

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If you purchase Far Cry 6's season pass DLC, you'll get access to Far Cry: Blood Dragon, plus the three DLC adventures starring Far Cry villains Vaas Montenegro, Pagan Min, and Joseph Seed. In those missions, you'll visit warped worlds themed around each villain's backstory and learn more about who they were as (twisted, murderous) people. Ubisoft takes another page from recent gaming trends and has made these missions into roguelike "die and retry" loops. You'll start off with a painfully basic pistol, kill enemies, collect loot, and return to your base to get upgrades before eventually escaping each region.

All of these modes are drop-in, drop-out co-op to boot.

To get the Far Cry 6 season pass, you'll need to buy one of the special editions of the game. Ubisoft has a helpful chart here listing out what each edition includes.

Here's everything else we know about Far Cry 6, including release date, story trailers, and more.

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