All Far Cry 6 Criptograma chest locations

One of many Far Cry 6 Criptograma chest locations, with a coin nailed to a board
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Searching for Far Cry 6 Criptograma chest locations? Finding these little sketches is the key to opening special chests scattered throughout Yara and earning yourself some advanced gear. By unlocking Criptograma chests, you can get your hands on the Mark II Rioter, Fuego, and Hazmat sets, which each offer their own particular damage resistance. Perfect if you're not really into keeping things quiet.

But with two charts needed to open each chest, and fifteen chests overall, that's a whole lot to hunt down. In this Criptograma locations guide, I'm breaking down chests into individual regions, and explaining how to find the emblems for each. The gear that each chest contains is also listed, just so you don't have to waste your time finding armor sets you don't want.

If you plan on heading to these right away, try unlocking the Avispa Buzzer Helicopter. It's extremely maneuverable, allowing you to easily fly at ground level and avoid the anti-aircraft guns in each region. If you have dynamite equipped to your Supremo, you can also throw it out of the Buzzer to blow up the guns while still in flight. You can also get some better guns to deal with Castillo's soldiers with this Far Cry 6 unique weapons list.

Far Cry 6 Criptograma chests: How to find them all

Isla Santuario

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#06 Royal Palm and #01 Yaran Flag

This chest can be found to the north of Armoria on Isla Santuario. The first chart is on the roof of the house in front of the chest, and the second is to the right side of the house, concealed in a stone pipe.

Reward: Hazmat Gloves MK II (Improved damage to poisoned enemies)


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#22 Dog and #03 Pig

This chest is found on a small tower at El Dorado Cabins on the south coast of Madrugada. The Pig Criptograma chart is on a small islet to the south-east of the cabins, and the Dog is at the southernmost tip of the peninsula on the map. 

Reward: Rioter Boots MK II (Greatly increases armor-piercing defense)

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#25 Yara Libre and #10 Rooster 

This chest is located on a pier in the small town of Poesia, in north-west Costa Del Mar. The Yara Libre is on the rock in the distance, directly ahead of the pier. The Rooster can be found by heading south along the west coast of the small island until you see a beach with a spot to grapple and climb up.

Reward: Rioter Gloves MK II (Improved melee damage) 

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#12 Shark and #28 Yaran Queen Butterfly 

You can find this chest by the pier of a coastal village in Aguas Lindas, directly north of Ida's Refuge. The Yaran Queen Butterfly is on the southern cliff of the big island directly north of the village. Head east from the butterfly to the smaller island with the broken pier. Dive into the water by the pier and head for the deepest plank you can see—the Shark Criptograma is pinned to it. Be warned, though, the area is infested with real sharks as well.

Reward: Rioter Vest MK II (Greatly improved armor-piercing and blast defense) 

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#19 Sunrise Mariposa Flower and #16 El Trompo 

Find this chest on top of a billboard in north Verdera in the centre of Lozania. This one is pretty simple—head south across the rooftops following the blue marks to find El Trompo, and then further south for the Sunrise Mariposa Flower.

Reward: Rioter Helm Mark II (Greatly increased armor-piercing defense) 

Valle De Oro

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#04 Starfish and #23 Libertad Emblem

In Balaceras, head south of Feroza to find this chest in a fenced yard with shipping containers and dismantled cars. The Starfish Criptograma chart is pinned below the steering wheel of the car directly at the end of the zipline. The Libertad Emblem is in an open yellow container with shelves blocking the entrance. Head around the other side and smash the wooden board to collect it.

Reward: Fuego Mitts MK II (Greatly improved fire defense) 

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#29 Soursop and #13 Cat

This chest is in a watchtower to the north-west of Segunda in Cruz Del Salvador. Both Criptograma charts are hidden in manholes in the same field, covered by wooden boards. The Soursop hole is just to the south-east, while the Cat is to the north-east.

Reward: Fuego Helmet MK II (Improved damage to burning enemies) 

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#26 Boxing Gloves and #9 Tarantula

Find this chest at the base of a flooded tower, east of the big dam in Noventarmas. Climb the tower to find the Tarantula at the top, and then parachute or wingsuit to the smaller tower across the water to find the Boxing Gloves. Watch out for crocs!

Reward: Fuego Boots MK II (Greatly improved fire defense but impaired movement noise) 

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#17 Coin and #20 Mamey Sapote

Head south-east of Ruben in Barrial to find this chest. The Mamey Sapote Criptograma chart is under a pier to the north-east. The Coin is a little more complicated. Head south-east from the chest around the cliffs to find some orange netting. Shoot the netting to open the entrance to a cave, and find the Coin chart inside.

Reward: Fuego Pants MK II (Greatly increased fire defense) 

El Este

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#21 Croco Taxi and #18 Cigar

Find this chest on the roof of the People's Pride Clinic in north La Joya. There are two apartment buildings to the west—head to the roof of the northern one to find the Cigar. From there, go north again to the roof of the building by the water to find the Croco Taxi.

Reward: Hazmat Pants MK II (Greatly improved poison protection) 

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#30 Domino and #14 Horse 

This chest is on the pier of the fishing village, Barriga, in north Sierra Perdida. Head directly across the lake to the boathouse with the broken pier to find the Horse Criptograma chart. From here, go to the western end of the lake, where you'll find the Domino pinned next to the boarded up door of another boathouse.

Reward: Hazmat Suit MK II (Improved poison and fire defense) 

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#27 Tocororo and #07 El Crocodilo

This chest is on the roof of a shack in Sierra Perdida, north of Savannah Fields. El Crocodilo is to the south-west in a partially-flooded shack—smash the door to get in. The Tocororo Criptograma chart is directly south of the chest, in a low-walled, open building.

Reward: Hazmat Mask MK II (Greatly improved poison defense) 

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#24 Chalice and #05 Machete

You can find this one on a rooftop in north-west Concepcion, in Conuco. Head north to the market square and find the Chalice in a store on its eastern side. From there, head east to the auto-shop with the unique weapon box. The Machete chart is on the roof above.

Reward: Hazmat Shoes MK II (Greatly improved poison defense, but impaired movement) 


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#02 La Guitarra and #11 Rum

This chest can be found on a rooftop just north of La Divinidad Cathedral in Old Pueblo. When facing south towards the cathedral, head along the rooftops to the right, and jump over to the cathedral balcony to find Rum. Go inside the cathedral and head to the balcony east of you. Once there, use the plank to jump from the cathedral to the rooftop and La Guitarra.

Reward: Rioter Pants MK II (Greatly improved armor-piercing defense) 

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#15 El Flamenco and #08 Car Clasico

Find this chest on the southern outskirts of Esperanza at the Siete Pajaros Apartments, north-east of El Presidente Square. Use the grapple point to climb to the roof and head south to find Car Clasico, then use the zipline and climb the vines to get El Flamenco.

Reward: Fuego Coat MK II (Improved fire and poison defense) 

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