Far Cry 5 is bringing back the wing suit

The Wingsuit was introduced to the Far Cry series in Far Cry 3, and carried over into Far Cry 4. It's kind of like a hang glider that you wear: You jump off a high surface, spread your arms and legs, and soar through the sky like a giant squirrel packing heat. It wasn't available in Far Cry Primal for obvious reasons, and it hasn't been seen in any Far Cry 5 coverage so far either. But executive producer Dan Hay let slip in an interview with RajmanGaming that it will indeed be back. 

"I don't honestly know if I'm allowed to talk about the wingsuit. You know what, fuck it. Yes, it's back," Hay siad. "And what's cool about it is that we didn't just put in the wing suit, we actually built a character that's this legendary stuntman that's from Montana—our character. And when you do a lot of this stuff with the wingsuit and other things you do that are stunts in the world, you're actually paying homage to him, and you can unlock stuff based off his personality from like the 1960s to the 1970s. " 

It's a perfect fit for the game: No names are mentioned during the interview, but as Montana's favorite PC gaming son James Davenport reminded me, the great stuntman Evel Knievel was born in the state, and was laid to rest there following his death in 2007.   

We got some hands-on time with the latest addition to the Far Cry series earlier this week at E3. Dive into our thoughts on baseball bats, bombs, and dogs who fetch machine guns right here

Andy Chalk

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