Family Guy Online to shut down, cut-away gag explaining why not that funny

Santa has dropped a pile of coal into Peter Griffin's stocking this year as word comes from 20th Century Fox that it is scuttling its browser-based game, Family Guy Online , on January 18, 2013. Billing itself as a "MMLOL" -- or massively-multiplayer, laugh-out-loud role-playing game -- Family Guy Online let you create an original character and take to the streets of the fictional city of Quahog, Rhode Island to interact with characters from the TV series and complete allegedly hilarious quests. It was launched earlier this year, but never moved past the beta stage. 20th Century Fox has not revealed the reason behind its decision to close the free-to-play game, but a lack of profit is surely at the top of the list.

All in all, it's been a bad month for Family Guy gaming. Recent release Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse, which we are pretty sure hates you , met with mostly negative reviews. But though series creator Seth MacFarlane -- and the voice behind characters Peter, Stewie, and Brian -- has publicly stated that he's personally ready for the show to end , he's also admitted that Family Guy still has another four or five years of life left in it .

Given that we can surely expect more Family Guy tie-in games over the next few years, what kind of game would you like to see?