Fallout: New York mod shares progress with lovely new screens

Following the Great War of 2077, Fallout's lore tells us New York City, like Boston and Washington, is "gone". Roserosenbergfr's work-in-progress Fallout: New York mod imagines the damage. Its latest update, which landed earlier this month (I missed it at the time, sorry!), shares some new screens. 

At present, Fallout New York is set exclusively in and around Manhattan's Central Park—which includes the exterior of the Natural History museum. Creator Roserosenbergfr plans to build outward from there, district by district, before then tweaking the state of the world to better reflect the nuclear apocalypse. 

Similar to the metro system featured in Fallout 3's post-war Washington, Roserosenbergfr also plans to add the NYC subway system down the line.

I love the Fallout-style yellow taxi cabs, and towering apartment buildings in these early screens. 

Here's some in-game footage too, first published back in May.

Roserosenbergfr stresses their Fallout: New York mod for Fallout 4 is a long-term, in-development project. Its Nexus Mods page doesn't commit to a release date. 

Nevertheless, follow that link for more information and download links for its latest build. Likewise here are some equally ambitious upcoming Fallout mods to look out for